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Become a Sponsor of Pink Flamingo RV Radio, and we will promote your name in a variety of ways!

Pink Flamingo RV Radio is looking to align every weekly episode, with quality companies, businesses, and products that are of interest to the millions of those involved in the RV lifestyle.  Owners, as well as other businesses, are always listening for the next names to add to their purchase list or destinations! Pink Flamingo RV Radio takes a special pride in our relationships with sponsors. We will give each sponsor the same consideration as to announcements, commercials, on-air interviews, logo and photo placement, banners, as well as our unconditional support of your business or product, whether we are on-the-air or on-the-road! 

If you have an interest in becoming an important partner with Pink Flamingo RV Radio, please send us an email, and we will be happy to send you a 'Sponsorship Details' list of what we are sure you'll agree, is a considerable amount of air-time each week, as well as posted-advertising on our website, which is available for viewing 24/7!

We look forward to adding you to our "Sponsors" page!

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Tracy Miller


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