Show #109

Air Date: 9-16-17

If you have listened to Pink Flamingo RV Radio for any time, you'll know that Team Flamingo is seriously involved in the vintage trailer hobby. It revolves around the search, the adventure, and finally rescuing a trailer from its long-time resting place, before you can even begin to bring them back to life! We have so much fun during these rescues, that we want to share them with you!

This week, we bring you the rescue of our 1954 Boles Aero from the Eastern Sierras of California!


Team FlamingoRescues a 1954 Boles Aero Travel Trailer from a 60-Year Resting Place!



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Show #108

Interested in Purchasing a New RV?   Unsure of Specific Wants or Needs?  Then, This Episode is for YOU!

Air Date: 9-8-17


Team FlamingoVisits With One of Our Sponsors, "Tony Barthel, Publisher of Curbside Car Show and Vintage Trailer Calendar", As We Discuss New RVs, And What Customers Are Looking For When Shopping!



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Show #110

A Home-Built Teardrop of Exceptional Craftsmanship

Air Date: 9-22-17


Team Flamingo, "Be Prepared With Your RV and/or Tow Vehicle, Should a Natural Disaster Occur"

Chip Trebour, "A Magnificent, Custom-Built Teardrop"



Show #107

Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer Revival.        (Part 3 Wrap-Up)

Air Date: 9-2-17


Team Flamingo, "On Location in Reno, NV. for the 31st Annual Hot August Nights  Car Show, and the 1st Annual Vintage Trailer Revival"

Andre Fonseca, "Award Winner"

Stacy Edgington, "Sisters on the Fly"

Jan Hatch, "Award Winner"