Pomona RV Show Special Feature
Air Date: 10-14-15

Guests: Lance Customers: Brian & Julie 

                  For Veterans Sake:

                            Monty Hutson & Saxon

                  Lance Ambassador: Bob Porter 

                  Jim Waters, Lance Camper

                            Marketing Coordinator                

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Show #014
Air Date: 10-9-15

Guests: Road Bear RV Rentals & Sales 

                  Sisters On The Fly  

                  Relic Custom Trailers                  

Show #016 - Pomona RV Show
Air Date: 10-23-15

Guests: Scott Almquist: Lance Camper

         Mid-West Sales Mgr.

                  Monty Hutson: President of

         For Veterans Sake

                  Jonathan Feld: Sportsmobile


                  Mike Hallmark: Hellwig Products                 West Coast Sales Mgr.

                  Tonya Davis: Flying Flags

        RV Resort, Hospitality Mgr.             

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Show #017 - For Veterans Sake,  Retro Trailers, Flag Pole Buddy,             & a 1948 Gillig Bus
Air Date: 10-30-15

Guests: Monty Hutson: President, For 

                          Veterans Sake Foundation

                  Jenny Volatile: Riverside RV

                          White Water Retro Trailers           

                  Dave & Christine Jahnz:

                           Flag Pole Buddy

                  Mike Siebert: 1948 Gillig Bus                                      


Show #013
Air Date: 10-2-15

Guests: Hellwig Products 

                  Hellwig Products (Part 2)  

                  Unique RV

                           - Care & Maintenance



Show #015
Air Date: 10-16-15

Guests: Paul Lacitinola:

        Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine

                  Steven Katkowsky:

        Steven's Incredible Trailer Museum

                  Justin & Anna Scribner: 

        Flyte Camp Vintage Trailers