Show #020 - For Veterans Sake with Auburn Schmidt, Bob Karoll, MAXTRAX, Unique RV
Air Date: 11-20-15

Guests: Monty Hutson and Auburn Schmidt    "For Veterans Sake Foundation"

                  Bob Karoll:  Scale RV Model Builder

                  Matt Scott: MAXTRAX

                  Unique RV: "Care & Maintenance"



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Show #019 - For Veterans Sake,

Kleinn Automotive Air Horns,

Elio Motors, Unique RV
Air Date: 11-13-15

Guests: Monty Hutson:                                              "For Veterans Sake Foundation"

                  Gary Wright:

"Kleinn Automotive Air Horns"

                  Jerome Vassallo:

"Elio Motors"

                  Unique RV:

"Care & Maintenance"



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Show #021 - For Veterans Sake, Retro Odyssey, Happier Camper
Air Date: 11-27-15

Guests: Monty Hutson                                               "For Veterans Sake Foundation"

                  Colin Fullam:  "Retro Odyssey"

                  Derek Michael: "Happier Camper"




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Show #018 - AxelBloom Beds & Sofas,

Vintage Troubles, 1979 GMC RTS Bus
Air Date: 11-6-15

Guests: Yong Lee:

                   "AxelBloom Beds & Sofas"

                   Ron Medina:

                   "Vintage Troubles"

                   Terry & Mary Saliger:

                   "1979 GMC RTS Bus"