Show #083

Team Flamingo.

1936 Airstream Silver Cloud.

Junk Wurx.

Air Date: 3-3-17


Team Flamingo, "Modernism Week Vintage Trailer Show in Palm Springs, CA."

Chuck and Toni Miltenberger, "1936 Airstream Silver Cloud"

Brian Morrow, "Junk Wurx / 1937 Hayes"



Show #086

1966 Kenskill Trailer Rescue Video!

Campground Theft.

Air Date: 3-25-17


Team Flamingo, "1966 Kenskill Trailer Rescue... Video"

Team Flamingo, "Campground Theft"



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Show #084

1966 Kenskill Trailer Rescue.

RetroLuxe Vintage Trailers.

Air Date: 3-11-17


Team Flamingo, "1966 Kenskill Trailer Rescue"

Scott Campbell, "RetroLuxe Vintage Trailers"




Show #085

1962 Serro Scotty Trailer Rescue.


Air Date: 3-17-17


Team Flamingo, "1962 Serro Scotty Rescue"

Author, Phil Noyes, "Trailerama"