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Show #097

1952 Star Trailer Rescue Video!

Air Date: 6-10-17

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Show #098

Team Flamingo Brings You Coverage from The 10th Annual Steve McQueen Car & Motorcycle Show, Including Vintage Trailers!

Air Date: 6-16-17


John Silvestri & Jeff Styles, "Vintage Trailer Show Organizers"

- Chris and Kim Cannon

- Dave Dunkel

- Joel Cincotta

- Mike Ojeda

- Wendy Pearson

- Team Flamingo, "A Wrap Up From the Event... Plus A New Announcement!"



Show #100

Team Flamingo Participates in The Murphy Auto Museum 5th Annual Vintage Trailer Show in Oxnard, CA!

Air Date: 6-30-17


- David Neel, "Executive Director of The Murphy Auto Museum"

- Judy Stamm

- Amber Felts & StephanieHarmon

- Jesse and Donna Moreno    

- Joe Pannell

- Mike Senzamici & Robin Sager

- Johnny Agnew & Ryan Holladay




Show #096

Upcoming Events for Pink Flamingo.

A Family's Camping Legacy Lives On.

How to Survive a Dust Storm.

Air Date: 6-2-17


Team Flamingo, "Some of Our Many Upcoming Events"

Larry Shank,"Same Camping Vehicles- Same Family- 60+ Years Later"

CHP Officer Ed Smith, "How to Survive a Dust Storm"



Show #099

Team Flamingo Travels North to Bring You Coverage of The Alameda Point Concours d'Elegance, Including a First-Time Vintage RV Display!

Air Date: 6-22-17


- Carolyn Phillips & Deb Birdsall

- Cody Hays & Ashlynn Lemon

- Shawn Hibmacronan

- Steve Perone, "Event Chairman"