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Show #049 - Power Caster,

Gongora's Body and Paint ,

NEST Caravan: The Design and Development

Air Date: 6-10-16

Guests: Jill Meier: Power Caster

David Gongora: "Gongora's Body and Paint" 

Bryan Thompson: "Designer of NEST Caravan"




Show #051 - For Veterans Sake, Greg Miller, Zina Thomas, Mike and Robin Senzamici

Air Date: 6-24-16

Guests: Monty Hutson: "For Veterans Sake Foundation"
Greg Miller: "1948 Palace Royale"
Zina Thomas: "Glamping Designer/Artist"
Mike and Robin Senzamici: "1948 Greyhound Bus Conversion"




Show #050 - Bear Metal Kustoms, Meguiar's- Waxes and Polishes

Air Date: 6-17-16

Guests: Jason Pall: "Bear Metal Kustoms and his 1946 Westwood Coronado Trailer"

Tom McDonald: "Meguiar's - "Waxes and Polishes" 





Show #048 - Team Flamingo,

Pismo Coast Village RV Resort ,

For Veterans Sake Foundation

Air Date: 6-3-16

Guests: Team Flamingo

Jay Jameson: "Pismo Coast Village RV Resort" 

Monty Hutson: "For Veterans Sake"




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