Show #104

Trailer Expert, Historian, and Restorer.

Paper Maps, in Addition to Your GPS.

Air Date: 7-29-17


Tim Heintz, "Owner of Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations"

Team Flamingo," How Paper Maps Can Still Play a Role in Your Travels"



Show #102

"Workamping" at  "Opera in the Ozarks".

Ridding Your RV of Mice.

Air Date: 7-15-17


Alison Miller, "A Mission, A Journey, Meeting New Friends, Sharing Inspiration"

Team Flamingo," How to Control Mice in Your RV"




Show #103

How to Handle a Bear Encounter.

Seeing Your RV Steps in the Dark.

Air Date: 7-22-17


Vicky Monroe, "A Wildlife Biologist, Gives Crucial Info on Avoiding Bear Attacks, and How Not to Attract Them Into Camp"

Team Flamingo," How to See Your RV Steps in the Darkness"



Show #101

A Beach Camping Destination in California.

Team Flamingo Reminds You of RV  Maintenance That Could Affect Your Safety.

Air Date: 7-9-17


Laurie Summers and Joe Dufrene, "Faria Beach Park, in Ventura, CA"

Team Flamingo," Maintenance and Your Safety"