Show #076

Team Flamingo.

Lucille Ball's Dressing Room Trailer .

Air Date: 1-13-17


Team Flamingo, "Driving Your RV in the Snow"

Team Flamingo, "Dash Cams for Today's RVer"

Dana Desselle, "Lucy's 1953 Liberty Trailer"




Show #078

Team Flamingo.

Vintage Motorhome Celebration.

Trailer Valet.

Air Date: 1-27-17


Team Flamingo, "Hitching Safety"

Kim Weeks, "GMC Motorhomes International / Vintage Motorhome Celebration"

Ted Chen, "Trailer Valet"




Show #075

Team Flamingo.

Unique RV / Care and Maintenance.

Air Date: 1-6-17


Team Flamingo, "Driving Your RV in the Wind"

Team Flamingo, "The Rose Parade Recap"

Unique RV, "Restoring Headlamps and Converting Bulbs to LED Lighting"




Show #077

Team Flamingo.

Tepui Tents.

Air Date: 1-20-17


Team Flamingo, "Tips on NOT Crossing Water"

Movie Review, "The Long, Long Trailer"

Evan Currid, "Tepui Tents"