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Tracy Miller

As this first writing makes it to our website, the staff at Pink Flamingo RV Radio truly appreciates you being here and taking the time to read this piece, of which will be followed by many articles pertaining to the RV industry! We are optimistic that you, your friends and family will enjoy what Pink Flamingo RV Radio will be offering on a weekly basis. As our cover story explains – The RV industry is one of FUN! We will do our best to portray that atmosphere in each and every episode. Although there are serious topics that will be addressed, and are of paramount importance when it comes to safety, security and maintenance… Our goal is to deliver information, that will make the time spent with your RV that much more enjoyable!

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The RV lifestyle is vast and has much to offer. So, we will be covering a wide range of topics. Sometimes that topic may encompass an entire episode; however, our goal is to keep each episode fast-paced and varied. If you don’t hear what you were hoping for in the first segment, stay tuned! It will most likely be covered in an upcoming segment. And remember, you can always send a request! 
Last, but not least… We are pretty sure that everyone will enjoy watching the progress of the Pink Flamingo RV Radio Mobile-Studio Project! This is being built in conjunction with our staff at Pink Flamingo and the team at our wonderful sponsor, Unique RV in Henderson/Las Vegas, NV. Photos and story will be updated as progress continues. Upon completion, you may spot our team on the highway, as we will be attending RV events, recording episodes for upcoming shows and photographing everything from the latest and greatest RVs to the beautifully restored classic RVs at vintage rallies! 

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“Remember,  Travel Safe… Camp Often… Make New Friends… And, Enjoy the RV Lifestyle”

​Since Pink Flamingo RV Radio records a significant amount of our episodes in the Las Vegas area, we feel that it is appropriate to give some perspective to sights, locations and destinations in and around the area for our listeners. We will post short excursions on this page from time to time, should any fellow-RVers happen to be passing through this exciting area, as it is full of wonderful places to visit!

7-17-15                                                                                               "Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada"

                                                                                                                                            Tracy Miller

     My first post will take us 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas, up highway 15 to Exit 75. This is the beginning of our journey into The Valley of Fire State Park. An 11 mile trip up Valley of Fire Road brings you to the west entrance of the park. A minimal fee per vehicle is paid to a friendly Park Ranger, and you have now entered another world. Or, at least as far as landscape and color are concerned. I would highly recommend using the park-provided brochure and map that you will receive from the Ranger, since it describes the park’s different locations, as well as the names of the formations, road locations, and hiking trails. All of the surrounding rock formations are brilliant red sandstone creating spectacular formations in every direction.

     Park speed limits are low, which is appropriate as you creep along looking at all that the park has to offer. There are specific turn outs for sightseeing and photography, and the park is quite particular about not pulling your vehicle onto the road’s shoulder. Take advantage of these turnouts. You will not be disappointed with the views and your subsequent photos. If I had to summarize the views, beauty, and scenery in one word, it would have to be “spectacular”!

     The park offers plenty of amenities for your convenience in the park. There are restrooms and shaded picnic areas located roadside throughout the park, and campsites are available. Should you have a large group wanting to visit, the park offers three group-use sites, each accommodating up to 45 people.

     A beautiful Visitor Center is located 5 miles inside the park entrance, with a fantastic display of the park’s history, static displays, video presentations, and even live wildlife for your viewing pleasure. (Yessssssssss, slithering, multi-legged, and forked-tongued creatures of the desert). There is also a gift shop within the Visitor Center, offering snacks, drinks, and a multitude of souvenirs.

     The only mistake that your Pink Flamingo Team did wrong was making the trip in June! On the day we visited, the daytime high temperature was predicted to be 110 degrees. It made it to 114 degrees while we were there. Our cameras overheated as fast as we did! Upon our exit from the park, the same friendly Park Ranger stated, “The best time to visit is in October.” I suggest you write that quote in your travel book, as I can attest that it was too hot to hike, meaning we missed much of what The Valley of Fire had to offer on that day. However, it no doubt lived up to its name! Well worth another visit when  it’s a bit cooler!

For more information please visit:    vof@mvdsl.com



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“Remember,  Travel Safe… Camp Often… Make New Friends… And, Enjoy the RV Lifestyle”

7-24-15                                                                                                                  Randsburg, CA

                                                                                                                                       Tracy Miller

     Only a short 15 miles or so miles from Hwy 14 and Hwy 395, which is the main corridor running north and south along the Eastern Sierras, is the former mining town of Randsburg, CA. It is now a sleepy tourist stop of its once former booming gold, silver and tungsten mining days that began in 1895. However, don’t let that stop you from visiting this quaint little attraction. With a population hovering at a whopping 69 residents (as of the last census in 2010 – but, who’s counting?), it is truly a step back in time.

     We arrived on an early Saturday morning. It was very quiet. A few dirt bikes and side-by-sides were parked on the street in front of the general store. Most likely, the riders were inside having breakfast. We began walking around the town shooting photos of everything from original buildings, to antiquated mining equipment, old vehicles, and store window displays that looked as though they hadn’t been touched since the early 1900s. Yes, great photo opportunities.

     As the time drew on, the town began to come alive with more activity. Mostly from increased off-roaders who were probably camping nearby in the desert. Randsburg may be old, but the townsfolk here know how to keep the visitors coming back. These campers have to eat and drink, and there is no other town nearby. So, Randsburg has become widely known as a destination location for car clubs and motorcycle groups, as well as the desert campers! From everything we witnessed, all of the off-roaders were curious in their riding and driving on public roads. I even asked one of the locals about law enforcement and off-road vehicles on the roads. The response was that no one gets in trouble as long as no one does anything dumb. It’s nice to hear situations like that can still occur.

     Speaking of locals, all of the locals seem to be town historians. Or, at least the few we spoke with. And, they were eager to answer questions and chat for a spell. They gave us directions of some areas we might find interesting, and we walked the town even more. Up and down side streets, searching out everything we could find that suited our needs of personal interest and photos. It was early afternoon, and the town was at full-pace with other camera-carrying tourists, street bikes, dirt bikes, and probably a few more of the 69 locals!

     We even had the distinct pleasure of meeting the town Mayor. Yes, the locals have selected a Mayor for this humble community. And, I believe that their selection process was appropriate. If this town can still be in an operating condition after 120 years, it says that the town’s residents did not let their piece of history get kicked to the curb like a stray dog. Maybe the Mayor had something to do with that. The mayor is a tough Tea-Cup Chihuahua. When we last saw her, she was sneaking a lick of a tourist’s ice cream cone while sitting on the front step of a store!  

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“Remember,  Travel Safe… Camp Often… Make New Friends… And, Enjoy the RV Lifestyle”