Show #088

Roadside Attractions and Local Events.

Refreshing the Exterior of Your RV .

Air Date: 4-8-17


Team Flamingo, "Visiting Roadside Attractions and Local Events While RVing"

Unique RV, "Refreshing the Exterior of Your Worn RV"




Show #090

Enjoying Local Attractions.

Planning a Trailer Restoration .

Air Date: 4-22-17


Team Flamingo, "Enjoying  Local Attractions".

Gary Warner, "Planning A Trailer Restoration".



Show #087

Fiat 500 Returns from Las Vegas.

Vintage Tow Vehicles.

Millennial RV Owners.

Air Date: 4-1-17


Team Flamingo, "Fiat 500 Comes Home"

The Auto Collections, "Vintage Tow Vehicles"

Andy Caldwell, "Millennial RV Owners"



Show #091

More Rescues from Team Flamingo.

Sponsor-Chat, Curbside Car Show Calendar .

Air Date: 4-29-17


Team Flamingo, "The Things These Guys Bring Home".

Tony Barthel, "Curbside Car Show Calendar".



Show #089

Our Newest Sponsor.

The Flyte Camp Neutron.

Air Date: 4-15-17


Team Flamingo, "Curbside Car Show Calendar".

Justin Scribner, "The Flyte Camp Neutron".